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The pace of change in technology and the increase in mergers and acquisition activity has left many financial institutions with the requirement to manage multiple platforms.

As a result many financial institutions need to provide access to existing SNA-based payment applications across TCP/IP backbone networks, support payment applications to participate in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and to protect their payment applications regardless of how they are being accessed.

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ACI Communication Services

Our range of communication services enable message exchange among disparate applications on multiple platforms and provide secure web enablement of payment applications. 

ICE-XS is compatible with HP NSK, IBM z/OS, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris.

ICE-XS yields more flexible implementation choices than the traditional ICE, WebGate and SafeTGate products.

Since the 5.0 release, enhancements will be delivered only in the ICE-XS architecture. We encourage customers to migrate to ICE-XS to benefit from these and future enhancements.

Customers on the products listed above will find ICE-XS in their software delivery.

A critical component of UP Payments Risk Management solution, part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.

ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking


ICE-XS is the integration of the functionality in the products listed below in a more flexible, cross-platform architecture.

ACI Communication Services (ICE)
ACI Web Access Services (WebGate)
ACI Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)


Data link switching (DLSw) enables successful encapsulation of systems network architecture (SNA) traffic over Internet protocol (IP) backbone networks.

ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking - DLSw connects HP NonStop servers to backbone networks. The solution performs encapsulation functions previously executed on data center routers. With Communication Services for Advanced Networking - DLSw, any IP router can be inter-connected and any HP NonStop LAN controller can be used.


High Performance Routing/Internet Protocol, HPR/IP, is the latest standard from IBM for supporting hybrid IP networks and SNA application environments. HPR/IP includes numerous enhancements designed to improve network performance and reliability. ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking HPR/IP is an HP NonStop server implementation of this networking standard.

With ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking HPR/IP, HP NonStop users can take advantage of native IP controllers for high-speed integration with IBM mainframe servers.


Internet protocol (IP) has become a dominant technology and is widely deployed at many organizations. As a result, maintaining older networks has become expensive and restrictive. To ease the transition to IP, several router vendors have implemented software that supports X.25 over TCP/IP (XOT).

ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking - XOT enables effective transportation of legacy network protocols over IP by transporting X.25 traffic straight to the HP NonStop server. The solution eliminates the need for external HP NonStop WAN controllers.