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ACI Case Manager helps banks manage enterprise-wide cases more efficiently; track, control and recover losses; detect patterns; gather intelligence to reduce losses from fraud; and provide peace of mind by ensuring they have the tools required to manage fraud.

Case Manager

Case Manager is a queue-driven tool that assists in the collection of relevant information about an investigation and enforces the processes defined by the bank.

Case Manager offers users the flexibility to automate activities and processes across the complete lifecycle of a case. The solution is a basic framework that defines processes for researching and resolving cases, including investigation resources, time frames, escalation paths and alerts.

As a critical component of UP Payment Risk Management solution, this product is interoperable with ACI Proactive Risk Manager for complete financial crime management, fraud detection and case management.

A critical component of UP Payments Risk Management solution, part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.

Product Benefits

  • Simplify case creation: Utilize case creation wizard for quick set-up using account and contact details from Proactive Risk Manager
  • Quantify results: Track, control, measure and recover fraud losses
  • Minimize risk: Manage complex, cross-channel fraud and anti-money laundering cases
  • Maximize visibility: Maintain a complete understanding of fraud losses and recovery efforts
  • Improve customer interaction: Create efficient customer correspondence through configurable templates with dynamic data selection
  • Improve analyst efficiency: Configure fraud analyst workflow for simplified case management and increase the speed at which they work cases enterprise-wide
  • Centralize intelligence: Gather data in a central repository for a complete view of case material to reduce losses from fraud
  • Accelerate data search: Leverage centralized case details with multiple parameters for searching and appending data