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ACI ReD Alerts is a powerful supplementary platform for real-time responses, enhanced business intelligence and retrospective screening - delivering a significant uplift to fraud prevention performance.

Large amounts of rich data lie at the heart of fraud screening for card-not-present transactions. When you can’t see the customer or method of payment, everything known about a potential transaction becomes more important for effective fraud prevention.

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Working with online merchants and issuers around the world, ACI gathers a wealth of information on fraudulent and suspicious transactions. This includes location data, blacklists, device information, verification data, merchant and issuer decisions, chargeback information — all gathered and held at transaction level, in a single data warehouse, in near real time.

Through the ACI ReD Alerts service, ACI enables merchants who are not already customers of the ACI ReD Shield fraud prevention service to also benefit from this rich data source — and further strengthen their fraud detection and prevention capabilities.

Access to data, intelligent analysis of that data across a broader timeline, and powerful presentation capabilities, are critical for effective fraud detection and prevention.

Download the ACI ReD Alerts overview, to understand how the service can complement and strengthen existing fraud prevention controls.

ACI ReD Alerts

For more information about ACI ReD Alerts, please contact your account manager, call one of our global offices or email us at [email protected].