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ACI Analytics ensures customers have access to the broadest possible range of anti-fraud analytics techniques and expertise.

With the diversity of fraud risk out there today, there need to be equally diverse techniques available to manage such risk. The traditional approach of rules and models may be a foundation for fraud detection strategy, but a broader spectrum of services is required for managing today’s risk.

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Designed to increase the effectiveness of Proactive Risk Manager and optimize financial institutions’ fraud management operations, ACI Analytics includes consultancy strategies, sophisticated models, strategic planning and more to meet complex risk strategy needs.

Through the full portfolio of ACI Analytics services, ACI customers have access to sophisticated fraud detection techniques for card (ATM, debit and credit), credit abuse, bust-out, ACH and online banking fraud.

ACI’s in-house and partner modeling teams have specialized scientists and staff with deep fraud management domain expertise and experience. ACI can deliver a complete suite of advanced predictive analytic techniques including neural network models deployed to detect virtually all types of financial crime.

ACI’s risk management software protects more than 160 financial institutions worldwide.

ACI employs best-in-class modeling techniques for delivering models to its customer base.