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Paladin Vendor Report for ACI Fraud Management

Give Your Customers a Seamless and Secure Payments Experience

ACI Fraud Management for Merchants combines a next-generation business intelligence platform and enhanced machine learning model options to outperform industry standard KPIs.

Backed by advanced analytics, global expert risk analysts and more, merchants benefit from multi-layered fraud prevention that drives conversions and protects customers.

Download the 2021 Paladin Vendor Report for a comprehensive look at the ACI Fraud Management solution, including:

  • Multi-layered fraud protection with retrospective alerting
  • Real-time capabilities that provide instant and accurate automated decisions
  • Machine learning models built to serve your specific industry
  • Business intelligence tools that give you complete visibility over your platform
  • Expanded service offerings driven by ACI’s global expert risk analysts

The report also evaluates ACI’s ability to offer integrated fraud management via a single point of access in the cloud, delivering the high performance and scalability your business demands.

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