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ACI Announces New ATM Solution for Enhanced Deposit Automation

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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(New York, NY. – 13 November 2007) – ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading international provider of solutions for enterprise electronic payment systems, today announced a new solution designed to support deposit automation requirements for domestic financial institutions. As technology at the ATM advances, and interest grows among financial institutions, consumers and small businesses for more efficient deposit and check automation processes, ACI’s solution represents a timely answer. ACI’s BASE24-atm® self-service banking modules and BASE24-infobase™ solution combine to offer financial institutions the features necessary to facilitate enhanced deposit automation offerings, lowering costs while providing new revenue sources for ATM deployers.

Key industry drivers include requirements to comply with Check21, increased consumer acceptance and renewed investment in deposit automation technology.  Check21 in particular has generated renewed interest in streamlining back-office processes.  A recent United States Federal Reserve and Electronic Check Clearing House Organization study found that Check21 volumes (substitute checks and image exchange) grew 726 percent in 2006. 

“ACI continues to offer flexible and innovative solutions to financial institutions to allow them to optimize their ATM service offerings,” said Jeffrey Hale, senior vice president of Americas marketing and business development at ACI.  “This new solution allows ACI’s customers to leverage their investment by providing the incremental capabilities they need to deploy new deposit automation services and strategies.  This will allow them to take advantage of the latest ATM technologies, improve their customer offering and ensure they meet industry compliance requirements.” 

The BASE24-atm self-service banking modules offer enhanced features  including support for new ATM deposit automation capabilities,  such as envelope-less check and cash deposits, MICR processing support to enable check imaging, enhanced teller capabilities to assist and perform transactions on behalf of cardholders at the ATM, and more.  BASE24-infobase automates the transferring and processing of check images captured at the ATM to bank image archive and retrieval systems, eliminating the costs associated with managing ATM devices through multiple single-purpose systems.

Hale said, “As financial institutions develop their business cases for deposit automation and work to achieve Check21 compliance, this solution will help them implement the necessary infrastructure in a flexible, cost-effective way.”

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