SCA Resource Center for MSPs and PSPs

In the new world of strong customer authentication (SCA), the role of PSPs as payment facilitators for merchants is more important than ever. With complexity increasing, you need to provide your merchant customers with services and technology to manage exemptions effectively, and access to multiple acquirers to explore and form new relationships.

The resources in this page are designed to help PSPs manage the complexities of SCA implementation. For further help or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at [email protected].

Five Steps to Drive Business Under SCA

In this on-demand expert webinar, we discuss the 5 steps PSPs and merchants must take to meet SCA requirements and drive sales. Get in-depth insights on why fraud management is essential to business success, the necessity of examining exemption needs and strategies, the importance of flexibility in acquiring relationships and the role of PSPs in supporting their merchant customers.

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