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Secure Your Customer Experience

Integrate security into your strategy
Developments in fast and open payments place an increasing pressure on the security of payments, as banks must fight fraud in real-time, on new frontiers. But the security of your operations is crucial to your ability to take advantage of the New Payments Ecosystem.

See how banks can innovate in security to underpin their digital transformation.

Secure Innovation for Digital Transformation

New payments cannot impact the security of your institution, but security cannot impede the customer experience.

Banks and processors are investing in security to underpin fast and open payments, and ultimately transform their business. Discover why in our infographic.

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How Realtime and Openness Change the Payment Fraud Ecosystem

The trend towards FASTer, OPEN payments is gaining momentum. Real-time, cross-border and open APIs are unfolding across Europe and beyond, all while payments digitization is rapidly evolving to meet the global commerce boom.

While financial intermediaries and banks must adapt their business models to meet the new payments ecosystem, strategic consideration of new security requirements is equally important. For example, processors and banks must provide their clients the tools for ‘Real-Time Controls’ within the new digital channels (eWallets, P2P apps, etc).

In this new report, ACI and consultants, First Annapolis, outline the uncharted fraud risks that today’s payments world presents, and what intermediaries (PSPs and networks) and banks need to do about it.

For Banks For Payment Intermediaries

[Webinar] Win in an Open and Secure Payments Era

We are in a new era where regulations and demand for OPEN payment systems are challenging the existing business models of payment intermediaries. Opening up of systems brings concern around SECURITY that must be addressed from the onset. 

ACI and First Annapolis discuss the meaning of The New Payments Ecosystem, and how OPEN and SECURE are influencing new strategies and growth opportunities for processors, PSPs and FinTechs.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Why business models need to change in order to be OPEN

  • How to ensure SECURE payments co-exist with OPEN payments

  • The competitive opportunities that OPEN payments offers Processors and FinTechs