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How to Be a Payments Trailblazer – Corporates

With consumers expecting seamless, secure digital-first experiences, corporates seeking to stay ahead must invest in cross-channel account management and servicing. In this eBook, experts from ACI and Ovum leverage global research to show why the time is now for organizations from the higher education, utilities, insurance, healthcare and consumer finance markets to increase payments innovation if they wish to stay ahead of the pack.

  • Benchmark your organization on the Culture of Innovation Index
  • Discover the seven common characteristics of today’s payments industry trailblazers
  • Explore the innovation gap and the risks associated with falling behind
  • Get the facts on how innovation can increase retention, reduce confusion and drive savings on security and compliance

Plus, we’ll give you concrete actions you can take today to advance your organization’s position on the Culture of Innovation Index.

ovum ebook