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Organizations face growing competition when it comes to their payment services. This is in turn fueling payments development as organizations fight to stay competitive in their market.

Discover which new payment options your industry is moving towards as Ovum and ACI present the survey findings.

Key insights:

  • 65% of organizations recognize they face growing competition when it comes to payments
  • 59% of organizations are not confident that they are flexible enough to drive innovation in payments
  • Payment experiences change quickly. 25% of organizations stopped accepting cash last year.
  • Organizations are now more likely to accept electronic payments than check or cash
  • Investment increasing in biometric authentication, targeted messaging and real-time payments

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Global Payments Insights Overview

Overview Report

Payments and commerce is being disrupted as consumers and corporates are demanding speed, convenience and simplicity. Banking and payments are being radically altered as the industry marches towards digital services.

Global Payments Insights For Merchant Retailers

Merchant Services

Payments are evolving at a pace of weeks and months with new providers, new platforms and new payment tools launching on a daily basis. Retailers face a growing amount of pressure on their payment capabilities.

Merchant Retailers
Global Payments Insights For Financial Institutions

Transaction Banks

Transaction banks recognize the challenges that lie ahead, and in some areas are embracing new approaches that they see as essential for the future.

Financial Institutions