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Paladin Vendor Report

An in-depth look at ACI's integrated payments gateway for local and cross-border payments

ACI PAY.ON Payments Gateway — part of ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution — is a cloud-based gateway that enables local and cross-border payments. This solution gives you the freedom and flexibility to quickly build your ideal platform to accommodate new markets, new customers and new payment types.

Download the 2019 Paladin Vendor Report for a comprehensive look at how ACI's solution can help:

  • Build a cross-border acquirer network tailored to your needs
  • Shorten time to market in delivering new payment methods
  • Increase revenues with greater approval rates through Smart Transaction routing
  • Gain greater control of the checkout process to ensure satisfaction

The report also explores the benefits of a single, unified RESTful API, tokenization which enables one-click checkout, security measures for the cloud and much more offered by the UP eCommerce Payments solution.