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Research Report: the Challenges and Opportunities for Retailers

ACI commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a research study on omni-channel fraud management capabilities in the retail industry. The results are published with commentary and additional insights in an ACI paper entitled, “Managing Fraud in an Omni-Channel World".

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Consumers are increasingly engaging with retailers through multiple channels, using multiple payment methods and devices. 

These different and evolving purchasing behaviors and the growing demand for omni-channel shopping, browsing and fulfillment options, create a number of challenges for retailers and other merchants, including: 

  • increased exposure to risk
  • greater complexity around fraud management

Key insights:

  • 65% of retailers believe they lack adequate fraud management tools to support effective fraud management in an omni-channel environment
  • Only 46% have consolidated fraud management solutions across channels to date
  • 54% of retailers say they do not have the skilled staff needed to deal with omni-channel fraud challenges