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Four key drivers of change, FAST, OPEN, SECURE and DISRUPTIVE trends, have influenced today’s New Payments Ecosystem.  In an on-demand webinar, ACI Worldwide and First Annapolis explore the transformation to the increasingly OPEN, fast-moving payments world and the opportunities it lends to payment intermediaries (processors, FinTechs, networks, etc.). In particular, the speakers place a special focus on the common thread between open payments and changing security, and how to ensure your business can shield from emerging fraud risk.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Why business models need to change in order to be OPEN
  • How to ensure SECURE payments co-exist with OPEN payments
  • The competitive opportunities that OPEN payments offers Processors and FinTechs

Joel van Arsdale, Partner, First Annapolis Consulting
Seth Ruden, Senior Fraud Consultant, ACI 

*This is the second of a three part webinar series on the New Payments Ecosystem.