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Create a Seamless Network of Customer Convenience

By 2021, consumers are predicted to own on average nine connected devices—almost all having payment capabilities. If that doesn’t have you hearing “cha-ching”, we don’t know what will.

At the same time, you may also hear a warning bell or two. The proliferation of mobile devices presents challenges in terms of connecting said devices and delivering a seamless experience for customers.

In the fourth installment of our telcos insight series, we’ll show you the mobile payments landscape of the near future, the importance of innovation in service to customer convenience and how telcos can use their current position to deliver personalized, seamless payments.

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ACI Worldwide, in partnership with Red Dawn Consulting, is proud to introduce this new insight series aimed at helping telcos uncover revenue drivers through mobile payments growth. Sign up for the full series as we explore third-party transactions, increased customer loyalty, driving profit from cross-channel technology and much more.