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ACI and Ecommerce Europe

ACI joined Ecommerce Europe’s Payments Experts Taskforce in September 2017, to support the development of online payments strategies for online retailers in Europe. The Taskforce assists Ecommerce Europe in developing comprehensive financial and digital strategies for upcoming technical and policy changes such as the Regulatory Technical Standards for Secure Customer Authentication, which is a core component of PSD2.

What is Ecommerce Europe?

Through its 20 national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe represents more than 75,000 companies selling goods and services online to consumers in Europe. European merchants still face difficulties when selling online, specifically cross-border. That is why Ecommerce Europe acts at European level to help legislators create a better framework for online merchants, so that their sales can grow further. Ecommerce Europe aspires to be the European platform for digital commerce, where members of national e-commerce associations, direct company members and suppliers can:

  • Network and share best practices, exchange information and knowledge on issues concerning their business;
  • Work towards promotion, professionalization and self-regulation the digital commerce industry, thanks to projects like our European Trustmark;
  • Create better fitted frameworks that can foster online sales at all levels, both domestically and cross-border.

Moreover, Ecommerce Europe provides certified online companies across Europe with a European Trustmark label, with the aim of increasing consumers’ trust in cross-border purchases.