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In addition to the technology and the package bought forward by the UP Retail Payments solution, there is a whole thought process and strategy that went into it to enable our clients to evolve with the technology. To go through different phases; a run phase – running their existing business and ensuring no disruptions to their current revenue stream. Through to a growth phase, and finally a transform phase to achieve what the retail payments industry is going through and being able to cater for that future state. In terms of a run state, Chris, you have lots and lots of experience with what our clients are doing today. What are some of the things they don’t want to disturb and put at risk? So, I think in the run phase, Fred, there’s an inherent risk of not jeopardizing the resiliency of many of the systems. As we well know, a lot of our systems have been running for decades at clients and there is a fear factor in actually updating and evolving those platforms. And so, the intent of the run phase is to allow that resiliency and that availability to not be jeopardized and we’re going to do it in an incremental and slow manner but at the same time we’re going to give you the ability to also start to modernize yourself in an incremental manner. In the growth phase, one of the things we are seeing is the introduction of non-card based consumer payments. We are also seeing the connectivity to the schemes that allow them, such as the connectivity to immediate payment schemes to allow person2person type of payments and transfers etc. How do we expand upon it with minimal disruption to the baseline? My favorite word within the growth phase is co-existence, and I think that is the beauty of the system that we have designed, Fred. We’re going to allow our legacy systems to co-exist with those new systems. And so, we’re not going to make you rip and replace that old system out. We’re going to do a vanilla and a simple install of our new technologies and then we’re going to allow them to co-exist together for whatever function you need. And that will enable you to protect the core banking systems that you to not have to risk your current architecture but at the same time it will allow you to capture the new transaction types that are coming up in the market The transform phase, that’s ultimately what the industry is going through and ultimately what customers that have invested in the UP Retail Payments solution are looking forward to. So, what is there to look forward to? I think the big thing about the transformation phase, Fred, is operational efficiency. At that point of time we will have slowly migrated whatever you needed out of your current architecture and legacy systems we’re going to have customized it in a flexible way in your more modern products and solutions. The interesting thing is that it is really at the speed driven by the customer’s business. There is no mandate, they go through their phase from the run, the grow, the transform, at the demand of their business, at the speed of adoption of the new services that they are offering and at the demand of the return of investment. How quickly do they want to invest in that transformation and how quickly they are seeing a return that allows them to move to the next phase.