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At EBAday 2017, we had the opportunity to sit down with Erwin Kulk from EBA Clearing to discuss the future of instant payments in Europe. There is a definite case for ‘first mover advantage’ in Europe due to EBA Clearing including solution providers in their conversations with PSPS to facilitate better infrastructure for onboarding onto the SEPA Inst scheme. ACI is among the frontrunners offering a ready, pre-packaged instant payments solution to enable, simpler, quicker access to EBA CLEARING’s instant payment solution RT1. RT1, in line with the EPC’s SCT Inst Scheme, will go live in November 2017.

Stay ahead of your competition and attract more SMEs

75% of SMEs in Europe will consider switching banks if offered Instant Payments and almost 50% say they would be essential to the success of their business.

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