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Michelle Weatherhead

Michelle Weatherhead

Risk Solutions Manager

Michelle Weatherhead

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  • Don't Let Card Fraud Ruin Your World Cup

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    This week marks the start of the World Cup in South Africa and, in preparation, the country has put extra measures in place to protect tourists from criminals. However, given the expected rise in financial transaction volumes during the event, fraudsters will no doubt have made their own plans to target consumers as they spend money on their cards around the country. As a result, banks – both in South Africa and in the consumers’ home countries - will have to be even more vigilant than usual to effectively protect their customers from card fraud.

  • Threat To Online Banking Security

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    According to this month’s figures released by the UK Cards Association, the number of "phishing" attacks on consumers rose by 16% in 2009 and the total amount of online banking losses saw a 14% rise on the previous year. These stats are worrying for consumers and banks alike – increasingly fraudsters are using Trojans that can infect a user’s PC, and then launch man-in-the-browser attacks that can get around the strongest user authentication measures. The consumer may not even be aware that the funds have been moved from their account as the Trojan can alter the page being displayed.

  • The race against fraud

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    A recent news story on financial crime caught my attention: “Subramaniam went to great trouble to hide his activity. He seems to have thought that carrying data around on memory sticks and using internet cafes would somehow protect him from scrutiny. He was wrong, says Lemon” (Finextra, 15 January 2010)