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Ellucian Live 2017: We Have Seen the Future of Cloud Payments

Ellucian Live 2017: We Have Seen the Future of Cloud Payments

Each year, Ellucian brings together more than 8,000 attendees from 1,300 higher education institutions to Ellucian Live, the higher ed industry’s largest event—to discuss best practices and preview upcoming tech advancements.. 

For the thousands eager to learn more about Ellucian’s cloud technology, Ellucian Live does not disappoint. Designed specifically for higher ed, Ellucian’s innovative technology platform provides a great view of what’s possible in terms of the enhanced student experience. And this was on full display in the Ellucian Campus Learning Lab, where we were able to test-drive new solutions, including the Dorm Room of the Future.


Expanding Revenue Opportunities in Campus eCommerce

Forward-thinking technology platforms like Ellucian Ethos support a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise applications that include on-premise, blended and cloud solutions. Ethos’ hub architecture provides one of the most promising opportunities for integration in higher ed payments — the ability to drive eCommerce on campus.

In the past, schools focused on simplified payment of tuition and fees. But with cloud technology, they’re now doing so much more. They can meet students at every point of their lifecycle, both on campus and beyond, starting with promotional messaging on integrated eBills that keeps students and families informed about upcoming events and encourages higher registration rates.

Cloud technology also allows schools to branch out into housing, food service, event registration and parking. And in the future, nearly any type of student or alumni purchase could potentially be automated and integrated with payments that post in a matter of seconds.

International payments, domestic payments and payment plans could all be integrated seamlessly. All of this means greater convenience for families, but also the ability to streamline campus staff resources like never before.

To meet student and parent needs, it’s important to eliminate time wasters from your employees’ workdays. Students and parents don’t want to call multiple times to confirm loan or grant status, and your staff doesn’t want to spend their limited time answering those calls. Put that vital information at users’ fingertips so they can see their accounts in real-time. Watch employee morale go up and put those critical human resources to better use.

Integrated platforms allow us to better meet expectations and surpass them. That’s what’s so exciting about cloud technology. We’re not limited by server space, hardware or licensing requirements. Using cloud applications where it makes sense for growth, the sky’s the limit.


Meeting Students Where They Are

Schools that embrace the latest advancements in cloud technology and integration recognize the need to communicate with students where they live. Students who barely recall why we wore wristwatches or carried cameras in the pre-smartphone days may not notice every advancement schools make, but they’ll definitely notice the changes they don’t make.

No institution wants to be caught standing still while every other aspect of their students’ lives becomes more tech-centric, more digital, more streamlined. The technology is already there and continuing to advance every day. Schools just have to embrace it and utilize it.

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