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The Wonderful Ways to Pay Your Taxes

The Wonderful Ways to Pay Your Taxes

April (or rather mid-April), that time of year when many Americans frantically assemble their W2’s and countless other tax-related forms. With the tax deadline looming, we conducted outreach to a select group of consumers to learn more about their tax paying habits.

Consumers are overwhelmingly turning to online channels to pay their taxes in 2017—aligning with the overall upward trend of online bill payment.  According to the survey results, 64% of respondents always pay their federal taxes online—compared with 11% who “never” pay online.

Do you pay your federal taxes online?

The web was by far the most popular payment channel for federal taxes, with 65% preferring to pay taxes online. Another 19% of respondents prefer paying with mobile, which underscores the vast preference for paying via digital channels. And based on the numbers within these tasty pie charts, more consumers realize that paying online is fast, convenient and especially appealing for those of us who wait until the very last minute to cross tax-paying off the to-do list.  You can even use your credit or debit card for IRS-authorized apps and websites, which include

What payment channel do you prefer to pay your federal taxes?

The payments industry is predicated on constant change and ongoing evolution, so it’s encouraging to see so many people paying their taxes online.  As for the 11% of people paying via snail-mail or over the phone—in addition to those who “never” pay their taxes online? To borrow from an old phrase, old habits die hard, but with myriad options to pay online, there’s always next year.