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Payments Tweets for 2017 - The Trends in 140 Characters or Less

Payments Tweets for 2017 The trends in 140 characters or less

The year that was 2016 will be remembered for a whole slew of reasons, many of which almost all of us are happy to see far in the rearview (RIP David Bowie). As the calendar turns and the ball drops sending us into 2017, it’s time to pull out those magic 8 balls and ask what the year has in store for us.  What better way to do that than via twitter prognostications. So without further ado, here we go, 5 trends in tweets for 2017!

#OpenAPIs Banks go live with #PSD2 solutions ahead of schedule! Focus shifts to internal innovation and new product packaging and solutions.

#Blockchain at center of growing volume of international payments. YoY CAGR exceeds 500%. Investment in PoCs and alliances continues growth.

#IoT #connectedlifestyle Fraud concerns don’t allay adoption as payments via connected devices take off.  Virtual Assistants, the new norm!

#MobilePayments continue slow slog toward mass adoption #OpenAPIs at center of growth through #mCommerce and in app purchases

#Ecosystem Traditional competitors work together in sandbox to create net new payment value chain workflows with real time at the center


As our industry continues its rapid evolution, there will certainly be countless other 2017 Payments Tweets to consider. I welcome and look forward to seeing prognostications from others, be it in 140 characters or longer (or even shorter).