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Security on the Brain at the NRF BIG Show


As the 2014 NRF Big Show wrapped up this past week, I was reminded of the sheer magnitude of the retailing space. The industry’s largest show of the year did not disappoint with its seemingly endless rows of booths in the exhibit hall, and a robust set of sessions for all to soak in.

Of course, one common theme that was continually brought up was that of security and protection against data breach. Retailers are concerned about their systems, and if they are doing enough to keep the bad guys out. While the movement to EMV in 2015 is looming, retailers need to understand that EMV, while a piece of the security puzzle to help drive down payment fraud, is not a complete solution. Many other factors, such as point-to-point encryption, tokenization and network segmentation, need to be considered in building out a complete security solution. 

If your server is shoved in the back of a store broom closet, or your payment information is exposed in systems across your store to wandering employee eyes, it’s probably high time to look at payment solutions that help mitigate risk and potential loss.