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Get UP Ahead of the Competition with an Enterprise Payments Strategy

Objects in the rear view mirror ARE closer than they appear.

Financial institutions are competing with a wide variety of providers all nipping at their heels to win a piece of the new business prize.  Financial institutions are no longer the only ones providing banking services to consumers and corporations.  The concept of “non-banks” has been around for a while, but the competition is far more varied these days.  In today’s internet, mobile-driven world, the competition is harder to identify.  Services offered for free by start-ups and new entrants are forcing a new look at traditional business models.  Innovative real-time information flows are forcing a new way of doing business and engaging customers.  Alternative providers are everywhere ready to service a niche business.

Newer entrants to the financial services space have the advantage of less legacy infrastructure.  They don’t have the same level of investment in systems and functionality that financial institutions have accumulated over the years.  Newer players are more able to replace a system that is not meeting demands and can move quickly to make changes.  This offers a competitive advantage when they identify an opportunity and need quick time to market. 

Established financial institutions need to enable their organizations to act nimbly despite their infrastructure.  The infrastructure should support the business by enabling the organization to seize new business, be innovative and compete effectively.  The infrastructure is solid and proven.  It just needs to be more responsive to evolving market demands.

Organizations need an enterprise payments approach such as ACI Universal Payments Platform.  Universal Payment Platform offers the necessary flexibility to move quickly.  It enables organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure and investment, with all the bells and whistles that have been incorporated over time, more effectively.  Universal Payments Platform helps organizations realize the value in their infrastructure and enables it to adjust more quickly to market drivers.  Whether entering a new market, rationalizing systems after an acquisition or just adding a new whistle, Universal Payments Platform offers greater control, flexibility and choice. 

Universal Payments Platform - Stay UP Ahead of the Competition.