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Grafting SEPA Onto Legacy Payments An Ongoing Challenge

We’re expecting the agenda at the upcoming EBAday event this week to again be dominated by SEPA. The challenges banks face integrating SEPA with their domestic payments infrastructures, migrating from legacy payments, and ultimately turning the SEPA vision into reality will be top priorities.

The European payments market is coming to terms with the advent of the new SEPA instruments and facing the numerous challenges of meeting the mandated deadline for SDD Core reachability in November. As there are still important decisions to be made, any occasion where members of the banking community get together provides an opportunity for banks to take stock and to compare their progress against others.

A few of us from ACI will be present at EBAday 2010 to share our thoughts on how to address the practical considerations of achieving reachability; how to cope with migration from the legacy instruments to SEPA, in particular how to manage domestic payments in conjunction with the move to SEPA; and using SEPA itself as a springboard to system rationalisation.

The event takes place on 26th and 27th May 2010, at the Luxembourg Congrès, Luxembourg, and is arranged by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research. ACI Worldwide will be the Agile Payments Sponsor and I will be on the "Achieving excellence in payments" panel on 27th May at 2pm. The panel will discuss areas such as the importance of resilience, the next generation of shared services and options of how to expand or protect the business.

Bob Mackman

Head of Business Services (Wholesale)