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Success factors for in-house card processing

I recently posted on the brand, customer and risk-mitigating advantages of bringing card processing in house. However, while an in-house card processing strategy clearly presents a set of indisputable strategic and global business advantages, there are risks to consider.

Banks need to work with their solution provider to establish a deployment strategy group to ensure critical elements of the businesses resources, strategy and IP are addressed, leveraged and protected in the creation and execution of an in-house processing system. Such a group should include key stakeholders, such as line of business, technology, operational and governance leaders.

For those considering implementing an in-house card processing strategy, the top critical system and functionality requirements include:

• Global functionality

• Massively scalable issuing and acquiring capabilities

• Proven security and proactive fraud detection tools

• An open and multi-national platform

• Highly integrated and secure transaction processing.

Banks that take these factors into account when building an integrated, consolidated and global in-house card processing strategy will be armed for success. A brand is a strategic weapon, and a robust, innovative card program is a part of this strategic arsenal.