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A post-Sibos perspective on SEPA

Against all the odds, SEPA remained an active topic of discussion at Sibos in Amsterdam, with a degree of clarity about the specific issues of migration not usual in the SEPA debates of late. At least the imminent setting of a SEPA migration end date(s) is anticipated - with eagerness or trepidation depending on your point of view and preparedness.

What should be avoided however is a state of hibernation until the 2nd quarter of 2011 when the adoption of an EU regulation is expected to provide the clarity requested by most stakeholders in the SEPA initiative. We all know it's coming - let's get ready now, so we can take a measured and strategic approach, rather than set about it in a frantic way.

The state of seasonal torpor known as hibernation is not for payment practitioners.

Paul Styles

Solutions Consultant

ACI Worldwide