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To bring the advantages of e-commerce and online payments to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the BENEFIT Company chose to work with the ACI Commerce Gateway™ solution to create a national payments gateway that would give all commercial banks in the country a low-cost, convenient and secure online payments platform.

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As the backbone of the financial services industry in Bahrain, The BENEFIT Company's services include managing the national ATM switch system and switching local debit card transactions at the point of sale, as well as operating the kingdom’s credit reference bureau, internet banking shared platform, direct debit, payments gateway, check clearing house and dispute management system.

Bahrain Faces Growing Demand for Online Payments

Faced with growing demand for online payments processing, Bahrain’s acquiring banks found that creating individual payment platforms of sufficiently high quality would be prohibitively expensive and complex.

The BENEFIT Company Creates National Payments Gateway

The BENEFIT Company – provider of ancillary financial services to Bahrain’s banks – worked with ACI Worldwide to create a national payments gateway as a central service to facilitate online credit and debit card payments for the country’s commercial banks, corporations and government bodies.

ACI Partnership Sparks eCommerce Takeoff in Bahrain

The BENEFIT Company’s national payments gateway enables businesses to set up online operations quickly and easily, and frees banks from any sort of integration and workflow concerns. It has allowed e-commerce to take off in Bahrain to provide greater convenience for customers and create a positive business environment for Bahrain.

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