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With an emphasis on delivering the absolute best in customer service, Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) is continually exploring new ways to better communicate and interact with its members about their insurance policies. As many consumers now go online for everything from viewing statements to paying their bills, PURE recognized the need to expand its communications channel accordingly, and offered its members a multitude of options to meet their electronic payment needs and preferences.

Providing Policyholders Electronic Payment Options

Before its launch, PURE conducted considerable research to understand customer needs across a range of industries, and built its own business model accordingly. Taking a page from companies known for exceptional service both within the insurance realm and outside it, PURE established early on that accommodating the needs of its members would always be its top priority. One of the most important aspects of this commitment to quality service is offering total convenience. For PURE, this means rethinking the way information is shared with its members. 

PURE wanted to provide even more flexibility by providing members with the option of accessing, viewing and making payments on their policies electronically.

Electronic Payment Processing Adds Convenience

To power its solution for electronic billing, PURE was referred by its trusted financial partners to ACI Worldwide for their proven expertise and deep experience in the insurance industry.

PURE began by working with ACI to set up electronic payment processing, and then quickly expanded its offering to include electronic presentment in response to rapid member adoption.

With the ACI solutions in place, members can make payments electronically using a checking account, credit card or debit card, and can also contact PURE’s member service representatives to pay by phone, with immediate email confirmation.

30% Adoption Rate in First 3 Months

With the flexibility it wanted and the security it needed from ACI, PURE rolled out its electronic bill presentment and payment solution — and saw an immediate and enthusiastic response from its members. Within three months, the company surpassed the industry-standard adoption rate, with more than 30 percent of members conducting transactions electronically. 

Internally, PURE’s own member services and accounting teams are also excited about the new system, which makes it easier for them to upload information to the billing system and allocate payments according to member preferences. Overall, the solutions have helped to streamline operational efficiency, and decrease paper and postage costs. But most importantly, they have added a new channel of communication between PURE and its members, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to top-notch customer service

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