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The old adage of “there is no constant but change” is nowhere more applicable than in the efforts that a financial institution faces when dealing with online fraud threats. Financial transaction processing must be fortified against an enemy that presents itself with different methods, sometimes with each encounter.

Sophisticated Fraud Attacks Threaten Hancock Bank

Faced with increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks, Hancock Bank realized it needed to optimize their implementation of ACI Proactive Risk Manager to reduce exposure to fraud.

Hancock Neutralizes the Threat with ACI

Hancock Bank contacted ACI’s Fraud Consultancy Services to have a solutions consultant work with them to evaluate their current system and make recommendations based on the bank’s specific needs and industry best practices.

Bank Reduces False Positives by 25%

After the consultation, Hancock Bank has been able to streamline their processes and decrease false positives by 25%, giving the bank more time to serve customers.

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