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When transacting online payments from students and their families, colleges and universities need to deploy technologies that make the process as easy as possible while also maintaining privacy and security. From an internal resource perspective, reducing software development and administrative staff involvement in the payments process requires tight integration with the ERP platform.

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University Seeks Convenient Online Payment Solution

When Northwood University decided to offer online payment services, finding an easy-to-use solution that would integrate with its enterprise resource planning platform (Colleague® by Ellucian) while serving current and future campus payment needs in a secure, private way was paramount. In addition to transacting ongoing tuition, housing and student-fee payments, the university needed a solution that could be set up quickly for one-time and short-duration programs.

UP Bill Payment Provides Cost Efficient Platform

UP Bill Payment solutions from ACI provide a costefficient payments platform featuring industry-leading security. The solutions now power Northwood bill-pay services while streamlining the complexities of bill presentment and payment processing. UP Bill Payment solutions also provide a single view of all payments from all channels in an environment featuring full PCI compliance and privacy practices.

Solution is Up and Ready for the Start of Fall Semester

By deploying UP Bill Payment solutions, Northwood effectively engages with students and parents by offering a convenient payments method for tuition, fees and payment plans. The university also benefits from ACI marketing materials that increase student participation in the payments system, and integration with Colleague eliminates the need for software development resources while providing real-time, accurate data to students and parents. UP Bill Payment solutions also reduce the cost and the staff burden of payments processing by automating many manual processes. Added all together, these capabilities lead to more satisfied parents, students, colleagues and staff. Northwood also continues to benefit from the ability to add additional payment systems as new needs arise, thanks to ACI, its total payments partner.

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