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Payments fraud is a major challenge for online retailers — and especially for those selling highly attractive, fast moving physical goods. A global marketplace, multi-channel shopping, shorter delivery times, increasing customer demands and proliferation in payment types can all increase a retailer’s exposure to risk and chargebacks — and demand tailored risk strategies and expert support. 

Finish Line, premium high street and online retailer of athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, enlisted the help of ACI and its ACI ReD Shield® real-time fraud prevention service to counter fraud attacks and reduce costly chargebacks.

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Rising Chargebacks Threatened a Satisfying Online Buying Experience 

Finish Line needed support from a fraud prevention company that would guide them through the waters of international growth while enabling them to tailor fraud rules to specific product lines, promotions and sales periods, countering fraud attacks and reducing costly chargebacks. 

ReD Shield Provides Real Time Fraud Prevention

Finish Line enlisted the help of ACI Worldwide and its ACI ReD Shield® real-time fraud prevention service. The service is managed by ACI’s team of expert fraud and risk analysts who work closely with Finish Line to optimize ROI by assessing real-time fraud threats, tailoring fraud rules and conducting regular reviews and risk assessments. 

Reduced Fraud, by Volume and Value 

ACI ReD Shield’s front end screening and tools available through the customer service interface delivered on average over $860,000 a month in fraud savings to Finish Line. Chargebacks have been reduced to well below average industry levels – from 0.47% by value to 0.19% percent by value in eight years of partnership.

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