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Mass Transit Payments Survey

Customer satisfaction is an extremely vital element to mass transit authorities in order to keep ridership and revenues high — and payments and payments security are two critical elements to keeping customer satisfaction levels high. 

With this in mind, ACI Worldwide conducted the 2016 ACI Worldwide Mass Transit Payments Survey to assess the current sentiment of U.S. public transportation riders in regard to payment preferences and payments security. The survey encompassed 2,006 riders from the nine largest metropolitan transportation systems in the U.S.

Based on the results of this survey, it is clear that mass transit authorities must do more to increase the perception of the security of non-cash payment methods among riders.

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Transit agencies have benefited significantly in recent years from new payment technologies that reduce the associated cost of fare collection while giving ridership more choices of payment.

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ACI’s UP Merchant Payments solution enables the rapid introduction of new payment methods, adherence to new payment networks or schemes and business flows as well as integration with new partners. 

As a result, it allows transit authorities and agencies the ability to address changing market needs — such as real-time payment schemes and numerous regulatory and technology demands — more quickly and efficiently.

Our hosted solution maximizes IT staff and budget, reduces fraud and improves interoperability. 

With all the time and money saved, what travel enhancements, expansions and innovations will you fund?

Webinar Replay: Shaping UP Your Payments for Growth

Gone are the days when payments were seen as purely transactional. The transit industry is recognizing that their payments strategy is key to improving customer experience, and they are shaping that strategy to promote retention and growth.

Watch as ACI Worldwide and independent analysts Ovum discuss the findings from two recent research studies that examine the priorities for merchant payments.

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