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Grow Your Business, Reinvent Your Services

Card schemes and national market infrastructures are under pressure to expand their business models. The digital and real-time boom is causing disintermediation and networks must act now to prepare for their next big opportunity.

Real-time payments unlock new potential to grow volumes and reinvent services. Organizations that offer real-time payments will have competitive advantage to win new customers and move up the learning curve on this new payment type sooner.  With a foundation based on real-time processing, ACI can more efficiently transition your infrastructure to a real-time environment.

To better support our customers meet today’s increasing real-time demand, ACI recently partnered with VocaLink to pioneer a first-of-its kind immediate payments solution.  Central infrastructures and their members can now more quickly and seamlessly launch domestic or regional immediate payments networks.

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Key Business Objectives

Capitalize on Real-Time Demand

Whether it be Open API’s, PSD2, blockchain or another new innovation, networks require a platform that enables rapid response to future disruption. ACI’s approach to real-time provides infrastructures the flexibility to evolve at the speed of market change. Considered a success model for the industry, our technology is used by the U.K. Faster Payments infrastructure.

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Scale Efficiently for Volume Growth

As you expand to meet new payment types, you must also ensure that your systems possess the resiliency and scalability required to handle the volume growth that follows.

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Protect Against fraud

As you accept new payment schemes and types, your business is put at a heightened risk for fraud and security breech. With 40 years of experience providing payments processing solutions, we understand the requirements for ensuring a completely secure workflow across all channels and network connections.

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facts and figures

Payments Facts and Figures

ACI partners with processors, networks, FinTechs and PSPs around the world.

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Our Presence


ACI Is the Leading Payments Partner to Five Out of Six Central Infrastructures in the Middle East


Ten Payment Switches in Africa Are Powered by ACI


Over 60% of the Current U.K. Faster Payments Service Direct Members Rely on ACI Solutions to Connect to the Scheme