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Banks Tap into Revenue Growth Potential with ACI Solutions

Banks will see increased revenues as they modernize their payments infrastructure for the digital world.

Financial institutions have an opportunity to become central to their customers’ day-to-day banking transactions. Although the payments landscape is changing at lightning speed, these changes carry as many benefits as they do challenges.

ACI offers innovative solutions that transform payment environments, enabling new revenues, improving customer satisfaction and creating competitive advantages.

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Enterprise Payments

Innovative payments platform. Financial institutions need to create an enterprise payments environment to support their evolving business models. Creating an enterprise payments model captures customer insight to build personalized products and services for consumers and businesses to strengthen relationships, rapidly react to fraudulent activity and gain a competitive advantage.

Need for Speed

Fast tracking payments. The influence of mobile devices and the availability of internet services are key elements driving customer demand for faster, convenient and consistent payments. From digital payments representing a valuable tool for customer retention to immediate payments acting as a springboard for innovation, financial institutions must establish a strategy to implement speed into all products and services.

Customer Centricity

Streamline the customer journey. With a customer-first approach, financial institutions must engage consumer and business customers before, during and after financial transactions. Advancements in technology, including open APIs, will enable them to be at the heart of their customer’s financial services.

Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud in its tracks. Fraudsters navigate toward the path of least resistance. Evolving to next-generation technology enables financial institutions to integrate an enterprise fraud approach. This includes fraud detection as a core component in all products, services and channels.

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ACI Payments and Banking Software Products

  1. UP Retail Payments™ solution combines the features and functionalities of both legacy and next-generation technologies to deliver clear business value and benefits for transforming your payments environment.
  2. UP Real-Time Payments™ is a single, universal solution for corporate and retail, high and low-value, domestic and international real-time payments.
  3. UP Payments Risk Management™ is a single fraud incident can cost you countless customers, the money spent acquiring them and the ongoing revenue they would provide. ACI helps you avoid these costs by preventing and detecting fraud for financial institutions and merchants, including retail, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, gaming and more.
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ING – Banking at Web-Scale with ACI's UP Retail Payments Solution

Moving to Linux to offer speed and flexibility for a competitive advantage as well as a lower TCO.

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ACI Money Transfer System: Flexibility, Rich Functionality and Unparalleled Reliability

Four banks, four satisfying payments solutions – all with one stunning Money Transfer System.

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