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Driving Payments Modernization in Canada

Info Sheet

Modernizing Payments In Canada For 30+ years

With a significant Canadian team, ACI has been helping to modernize the Canadian payment infrastructure for over 30 years. From checks to real-time payments we have seen it all in the marketplace and we have the technology for tomorrow's payment types. ACI has been protecting 34 million debit cards or processing 85% of the debit card transactions in Canada. Recently 45% of our clients have deployed our solutions in the cloud.

Around the world we are known for helping banks get real value from real-time payments. Our solution is relied on by over 40 clients in seven countries to give them a competitive advantage in the real-time world. This includes over 50% of member banks in the UK who trust ACI to power Faster Payments.

Enter the Era of Payments Modernization


200 Wellington St W #700
Toronto, ON
M5V 3C7, Canada
Tel: +1 416-813-3000

Corporate HQ

Suite 300, 3520 Kraft Road
Naples, Florida 34105
United States of America
TEL: +1-402-390-7600