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Payments Fraud Trends Whitepaper

Fight Real-Time Payments Fraud in Three Simple Steps

Understanding the changing payments fraud landscape as fraudsters change tactics to target consumer vulnerabilities

Consumers at Greater Risk of Becoming Victim to Real-Time Fraud in Leading Real-Time Markets

The availability of real-time transactions leaves banks, processors, intermediaries and their customers vulnerable to attack, leaving only a tiny window to prevent authorized and unauthorized fraudulent transactions and scams.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at global real-time payment fraud trends, the top markets for this type of fraud and what you can do to prevent it in your organization.

Access the whitepaper to explore how you can:

  • Turn fraud prevention from a cost center to a revenue generator
  • Lessen the burden on customer identity verification
  • Facilitate real-time payments seamlessly with customer needs

Download the Whitepaper