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ACI Worldwide at MPE 2018

Industry Leading Resources
ACI is excited to be part of MPE 2018. For more information on ACI's UP Solutions, view our industry leading content and media below, or visit the Universal Payments page for our complete listing.

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MPE 2017
UP eCommerce Payments Solution

Today’s digital consumers are demanding more convenient and seamless ways to shop, interact and transact with merchants. As a result merchants continue to need to find new and better ways to engage their customers – and payments are central to this shopping experience.

Whitepaper | Fast-Track Merchant Growth Paths in eCommerce
Insight paper | Driving UP Conversion Rates in eCommerce 
Info sheet | ACI Mobile Commerce SDK 
Video | ACI Mobile Commerce SDK
Info sheet | UP eCommerce Payments Solution for Acquirers
Info sheet | UP eCommerce Payments Solution for ISOs
Insight paper | eGuide for Acquirers – Beyond Acquiring, Owning the Entire Merchant Relationship
Insight paper | eGuide for PSPs – The Brave New Payments World 

UP Merchant Payments Solution

Consumer expectations are changing dramatically. Anytime, anywhere commerce is expected and, as a result, multi-channel retailing is blending revenue from stores with eCommerce and mobile and social shopping. At the same time, consumers are more aware of fraud and security concerns, raising expectations on detection and prevention. And data compromises have ensured that end-to-end encryption and security is top of mind.

Video | The Journey of a Payment
Whitepaper | Managing Fraud in an Omni-Channel World 
Research paper | Omni-Channel Payments for Merchants: Myth or Reality?  
Info sheet | ACI Estate Management Solution 

UP Payments Risk Management

A single fraud incident can cost you countless customers, the money spent acquiring them and the ongoing revenue they would provide. ACI helps you avoid these costs by preventing and detecting fraud for financial institutions and merchants, including retail, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, gaming and more.

Whitepaper | Fraud Analytics: Protect Your Data, Improve Your Bottom Line  
Whitepaper | Immediate Need for Fraud Prevention  
Whitepaper | Peak Trading -The Perfect Storm For Fraudsters 
Case Study | UP Payments Risk Management 

UP Immediate Payments

Both consumers and businesses want immediate payment services tailored to their unique needs. ACI’s extensible solution allows you to address the requirements of different markets and quickly create differentiated products that meet the needs of your customers. ACI fraud detection and analytics ensure that real-time speed does not mean increased occurrences of fraud.

Info sheet | UP Immediate Payments 
Infographic |The Road to Faster Payments for FinTechs and PSPs 
Insight paper| A World of Real-Time Payments 
Whitepaper | Immediate Payments: Driving Value for Corporate Customers