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Consumer Online Banking

ACI can help financial institutions differentiate themselves by offering their internet banking customers’ greater consistency and choice, and enabling consumers to successfully manage their funds anytime, anywhere.

ACI provides innovative and secure banking services that can be delivered on tablet devices, make person-to-person payments, offer more personalization features, deliver real-time account information, and provide continuity between their online and mobile banking channels.

ACI’s focus on user experience ensures customers can easily find the information they need and make transactions and payments effortlessly.

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Mobile Banking and Payments

Today, consumers and enterprises want to be closer to their finances than ever before. They demand anywhere, anytime access to not just the funds themselves, but to all the different ways there are to handle those funds. And nothing is closer to them than the mobile device in their hands.

Our banking and payment engines provide the foundation for all of our mobile capabilities. In support of these engines, we have mobile solutions to deliver and manage the mobile end user experience and functionality.

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Branch Banking

Delivering a consistent customer experience across branch, call center and back office, as well as delivering extended branch support for browser based employees such as relationship managers or calling officers is critical to today's financial institutions.

Changes in end-user devices, real-time information and the arrival of social media have heightened customer service expectations.

At the same time, customer confidence in, and loyalty to, financial institutions has reached an all-time low. If financial institutions are going to continue to grow revenues and retain customers they will need to prioritize first-rate customer service regardless of point of contact.

The branch remains a key component in meeting these evolving customer expectations and it is increasingly important for branch employees to have the appropriate tools to empower them to know, understand and service their customers' unique needs.

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Solution Options

Select the products that work best for you.

  1. Online Banking: A highly secure solution that enables consumers to access real-time data on their accounts, make account transfers, access personal finance management features, make P2P and bill payments, and more.
  2. Mobile Channel Manager: Provides business and corporate end-users with mobile access to functions across the banking spectrum.
  3. Universal Online Banker: A sophisticated multi-lingual and multi-currency solution that provides users real-time data on account balances and transactions as well as straight-through processing on payments from ACH to Fedwire to SWIFT.
  4. Commerce Gateway: Provides a smooth link between the existing payments infrastructure and the dynamic environment of secure internet payments.
  5. Token Manager:  Increase customer loyalty and control costs with an in-house smart chip management system.
  6. UP BASE24-eps:  An enterprise class payments solution with choice, control and flexibility that lowers total cost of ownership for current and future payment needs.
  7. Postilion:  A Windows-based consumer payments solution that integrates a full-featured payments engine with comprehensive card issuance and merchant acquisition management capabilities, reducing both processing cost and complexity.
  8. Proactive Risk Manager:  Complete fraud detection solution to manage risk across a financial institution’s business lines and customer accounts.