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Trade Finance

Global trade is a transaction-based banking business to support and manage the risk associated with the trade that corporations do between each other.

Global trade is critical to the world’s economic health and banks must provide trade processing and financing to attract, retain and support the business needs of corporate clients.

Banks are re-focusing their business on transaction banking and trade is a key transactional banking business. ACI has a long and successful history of providing transactional solutions to banks globally.

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Business Mobile Banking

Financial institutions know that they must address the needs of the sophisticated treasury customer. This new generation of treasury customers has greater expectations of technology and increasingly demands a more rapid pace of innovation.  

The complexity of business today requires banking solutions designed to meet a wide range of options. Everyone from small businesses to medium and large corporate customers put a premium on their time and being able to get their business banking done in short order isn’t a perk, it’s a business priority. These customers want on-the-go access to their accounts through a secure solution tailored to meet their unique business needs.

The on-the-go nature of business today coupled with the demands of convenience have sprung a host of mobile banking and payments solutions designed to meet the anytime, anywhere nature of business and corporate mobile banking.   

Mobile banking and mobile payment options are virtually endless and with ACI you can support all your needs from checking balances or initiating account inquiries, creating account transfers or bill payments, approving payments, positive pay decisioning, mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), to name a few.

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Cash Management and Reporting

Whether a business is large or small, the need to manage payments, collections and accounting information is imperative. Business customers expect the same information to be available, and simple and intuitive to access, in whatever mechanism they choose to consume it – mobile devices or on a PC.

Financial institutions are expected to be innovative and anticipate the needs of the business customers. Financial institutions that do this successfully stand to drive significant fee revenue and increase retention of profitable customers by offering a comprehensive and powerful cash management system for their treasury customers. Financial institutions that recognize the unique needs of the small-medium size business segment will be the winners in this competitive market. 

ACI can provide an institution’s customers with summary and detail views, current and previous-day reporting, cash position reports, data export, and direct downloads for offline reconciliation. Institutions have extensive control over entitlements granted to individual customers and users. Access can be granted to individual reports on a customer-by-customer basis, providing institutions with a variety of packaging options and allowing them to offer fee-based reports on an individual report basis or in unit packages.

Micro and Small Business Internet Banking

Financial institutions are looking to maximize the revenues and deposits from micro segments by providing more tailored offerings.

ACI offers online banking solutions with rich functionality to fit any size small business. Sophisticated product packaging choices allow banks the ability to create an unlimited range of products with the right mix of services to create unique user experiences for each target market.

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Middle Market to Large Corporate Internet Banking

To keep middle market and large corporate customers supremely satisfied financial institutions must address the needs of the sophisticated treasury customer by offering them control, choice and flexibility in their solution.

This new generation of treasury customers has greater expectations of technology and is increasingly demanding a more rapid pace of innovation. They expect workflows to be fast, simple, and effective.

In essence, financial institutions need to provide cash management functions that are intuitive and effortless while maintaining sophisticated tools to help their customers manage the daily collections, disbursements and liquidity needs of their business on a global basis.

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