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EMV for Issuers

Upgrade your payments strategy with full EMV lifecycle management.

Increase customer loyalty and control costs with an in-house smart chip management system that supports the lifecycle management of smart cards including EMV cards, contactless cards, single and multi-application cards.

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Token manager data sheet

ACI delivers data preparation and personalization capability for mass and instant EMV card issuance supporting parameter management, key management and application management, as well as providing post-issuance personalization and EMV script delivery.  

Reduce Long Term Costs
  • Integrate token management with your payment engine, such as BASE24-eps, to manage the applications on cards in the field following the initial issuance. 
  • Enable multiple application cards and delivery of two or more card types (e.g. debit, credit or prepaid) on one chip enabled card.
Improve Risk Management
  • Control processes that differentiate business, eliminating the ones that don’t. 
  • Deliver PIN updates securely for consumers over the internet and control static and dynamic risk parameters and application management in-house. 
Rely on us to ensure regular compliance updates for all of the major smart card schemes and formats.
  • Increase market share with technology independence (chip, personalization device, terminal type, etc.), enabling your organization to concentrate on delivering new and innovative payment services and gaining market share rather than focusing on the technology. 
  • Increase customer loyalty and control costs with an in-house or SaaS deployed EMV Lifecycle management solution. 
SaaS or On Premise Deployment — You Decide

Choose an on premise or SaaS implementation option—or start with a SaaS strategy and shift to on premise if your business needs change. ACI has implemented complex EMV solutions for financial institutions around the world for more than 15 years and no other solution provider gives as much deployment flexibility. 

ACI Token Manager for Mobile

ACI Token Manager™ for Mobile: Token service provision, HCE and embedded secure element in the cloud


An EMV Lifecycle Management Solution

UP Token Manager: An EMV lifecycle management solution


EMV for Acquirers

Expectations are evolving due to the rapid increase in innovation and acquirers are facing new competitive threats. EMV technology is a must and to remain a leader in the marketplace acquirers must offer more than the basics.

ACI Worldwide offers card and smart chip management issuing, transaction processing, and risk capabilities. For more than fifteen years, ACI has developed and implemented complex EMV solutions for numerous high-profile financial services organizations around the world. These solutions have been delivered in a timely manner, with a proven project methodology and risk-averse approach.

Avoid Liability Shifts

ACI has a proven deployment methodology and has completed a variety of EMV implementations in different customer scenarios around the world.

Decreased Costs

Reduce operational costs associated with card issuance, offline transaction processing and branch visits.

Capture New Market Share

Accelerate mobile payment deployment and exploit full capabilities of the chip and increase market share.

Card Payments Fraud