Our partners & alliances

  • Accela

    Accela, Inc. provides the leading civic engagement platform solution, powering thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for large and small public agencies worldwide. Accela connects governments to citizens to accelerate & streamline civic land management, licensing, asset management and public health and safety processes for over 500 government agencies.

    Accela website

  • Accuity

    Product: ACI Money Transfer System

    Accuity provides the ability for ACI On Demand clients who use wholesale payment solutions to select from up to 49 watchlists for the purpose of maintaining global regulatory compliance and performing due diligence screening. This information helps ACI's On Demand clients to more accurately identify entities that may represent a risk due to any number of government-sponsored sanctions, embargo or “restricted trade” programs.

    Accuity website

  • ACE Software

    Product: ACI Money Transfer System

    ACE Software Solutions provides tools to assist ACI Money Transfer System users to increase Straight Through Processing (STP) levels.

    ACE Software website

  • American Express

    American Express and ACI work together in the financial services industry providing robust interchange solutions to ACI's financial institution customers. ACI works closely with American Express to develop new products for ACI's customers, as well as deliver high quality products which conform to American Express specifications in a timely manner.

    American Express website

  • Andera

    Andera is a Software as a Service company that offers a mobile account opening and loan application platform called oFlows. The oFlows platform leverages mobile technology to simplify the way banks and credit unions open accounts and generate loan applications - online, out in the community, in branches, and over the phone. oFlows has been proven to reduce application processing times, increase cross-selling success rates, and improve customer and member satisfaction.

    Andera website

  • Bell ID

    Product: ACI Token Manager

    Bell ID® EMV Token Manager supports all of the lifecycle phases of smart card management, including embossing file import, data preparation, personalization, EMV script management, and central or in-branch issuance. Bell ID Key Manager allows users to define, maintain, and store cryptographic keys and Bell ID I-PIN® allows banks with or without their own ATM network to have their cardholders choose their own PIN whilst ensuring that both online and offline PINs remain synchronised.

    Bell ID website

  • BIAN

    Established in 2008, The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is an independent, member owned, not-for-profit association to establish and promote a common architectural framework for banking interoperability issues. BIAN’s goal is to define SOA and semantic definitions for IT services in the banking industry. The community focuses on creating a standard semantic banking services landscape, while ensuring consistent service definitions, levels of detail and boundaries. This will help banks to achieve a reduction of integration costs and utilize the advantages of a service-oriented architecture.

    BIAN website

  • BS&A Software

    BS&A Software is a municipal tax software provider based in Michigan serving over 2,000 municipal customers in 6 states, including over 97% of the Michigan local governments. ACI serves over 50 mutual clients with electronic, IVR & over-the-counter POS payment services for property & real estate taxes, business licenses, permits & utility payments.

    BS&A website

  • DataOne Asia

    DataOne Asia is ACI Worldwide's distribution partner in Thailand.

    DataOne website

  • Diebold

    Product: BASE24-eps, Postilion for banks and processors

    Diebold and ACI are partners in the financial services industry providing high quality Automated Teller Machine (ATM) solutions to ACI's customers. ACI's BASE24-eps and BASE24 products contain full support for the Diebold ATM solutions utilizing the TCS, Cash Source Plus, Agilis 91x, Agilis NDx, and Agilis IFX.software.

    Diebold website

  • Donald R. Frey & Co.

    Donald R. Frey & Company, Inc. provides Utility Billing, Customer Information System and accounting software serving governments and non-profits throughout the US and abroad since 1974. Donald R. Frey & Company has been an Exclusive Marketing Partner of ACI / Official Payments Corp. since 2006.

    Donald R. Frey & Co. website

  • Ellucian

    Ellucian is the world's leading provider of Higher Education software & services, including Student Information Systems, finance & HR systems, recruiting and retention systems serving more than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries. Ellucian has been a Strategic Alliance Partner since 2006.

    Ellucian website

  • EMV Migration Forum

    Product: ACI Token Manager

    The EMV Migration Forum is an independent, cross-industry body created by the Smart Card Alliance to address issues that require broad cooperation and coordination across many constituents in the payments space to promote the efficient, timely, and effective migration to EMV-enabled cards, devices, and terminals in the United States. ACI’s Dan Heimann, was elected the vice-chairman of the steering committee by his committee peers. In this role ACI and Dan help steer the industry to consensus on tough EMV issues like debit, testing and certification and education about EMV. Read more >>

    Smart Card Alliance

  • ETA Data Direct

    ETA Data Direct, Inc. has been providing municipal government software solutions to over 100 utility clients and probate court clients in Alabama & Mississippi since 1983. ETA Data Direct, Inc. also partners with ACI to market eBill Utility Billing and print & mail services.

    ETA Data Direct website

  • FairCom

    Product: BASE24-eps

    Faircom provides the c-tree ® server for use by the BASE24-eps product. This provides a simple, easy to manage, high performant database solution to meet the high demands of an online financial payments application.

    FairCom website

  • Futurex

    Product: BASE24-eps, Postilion for banks and processors

    Futurex provides hardware security modules for use by BASE24 and BASE24-eps. These hardware security modules are used in the secure authentication of financial payment transactions.

    Futurex website

  • Harris

    N. Harris Corporation is the nation's leading mid-market municipal utility CIS software solutions provider. Harris is comprised of 19 different business units / product lines delivering solutions to over 10,000 clients across North America with over 50 offices and 2,000 employees located in every state and province. ACI’s interface with the HPG-Harris Payment Gateway middleware enables ACI to connect to all of the Harris Utility Group business units / products.

    Harris website

  • HP

    Product: BASE24-eps, ACI Proactive Risk Manager

    HP and ACI have partnered since the mid-1970s to deliver high performance and highly available ATM and Point-of-Sale systems to the financial services industry. ACI's BASE24 and BASE24-eps offer retail payments solutions, along with HP's line of NonStop Servers provide world class electronic funds transaction capability around the world. ACI is a member of HP's Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP). Read more >>

    HP Website

  • IBM

    Product: BASE24-eps, ACI Money Transfer System, ACI Proactive Risk Manager, ACI Retail Commerce Server, ACI Commerce Gateway

    IBM and ACI have partnered since the mid-1980s to provide financial institutions highly reliable and full function applications for transaction processing, transaction settlement, and card management applications. In 2007, IBM and ACI deepened their commitment to each other through an extensive partner alliance agreement whereby ACI will make its entire set of integrated solutions available on the IBM System z and System p servers. Read more >>

    IBM website

  • IFX

    Product: BASE24-eps

    ACI has been a member of the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) Forum since 2002 in an effort to standardize the various specifications we support. IFX was formed in 1997 to create a messaging standard for financial services that would address the challenges faced with the advent of network-based computing models. Based on the work previously done by the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and IBM/Integrion GOLD standard, the Forum proceeded to re-invest all of the knowledge gained from those standards to design a next generation XML standard that would be usable in many types of environments, extensible to cover many types of financial transactions and globally focused in recognition of the increase need to communicate around the world.

    IFX Website

  • Integrated Research

    Product: ACI Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis

    Integrated Research (the people behind Prognosis) develops and distributes performance monitoring and diagnostics software for business-critical IT infrastructure. Prognosis provides detailed financial transaction management for ATM, POS, phone, internet or mobile banking, stock trading and other financial transaction applications.

    Integrated Research website

  • Intuit

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker

    Intuit's products provide functionality to ACI Enterprise Banker customers who use ACI On Demand services. Intuit's Quicken and QuickBooks products allow seamless balance and transaction integration.

    Intuit website

  • iPay

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker

    iPay provides small business Bill Payment capability to ACI's Enterprise Banker Solution within the ACI On Demand service. The iPay solution functionality includes Interbank Transfer and On-line Invoicing for a financial institution's small business customers.

    iPay website

  • IPFA

    The International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) provides rules, standards, operating procedures, and guidelines to improve cross-border payments. And because globalization is driving a broader base of clients who demand a more cost-effective, less complex, and more certain payment service with a wider reach, standardization is more important than ever.

    IPFA website

  • ISO

    ACI participates in the International Standards Organization (ISO) in a variety of ways having access either thru IFX or the X9 organization. ACI’s involvement in ISO involves ISO Technical Committee 68 (TC68) and the developing/updating of standards that ACI either supports or will support in the future. ISO/TC68 is the ISO standards development committee designated to develop standards and technical reports for the financial services industry. The financial services industry includes depository institutions, which traditionally are recognized as banks, non-depository institutions or finance companies, consumer and commercial lenders that raise funds in the capital markets, the buy and sell side of the securities markets, private equity firms, mutual fund complexes, central banks, electronic clearing networks and other financial intermediaries, and mortgage and insurance companies. Originally formed in 1948, ISO/TC68's work continues to grow in importance as new technologies, financial products, cross-border processes evolve.

    ISO Website

  • Korea Computer Inc

    Korea Computer Inc. is ACI Worldwide's distribution partner in Korea.

    Korea Computer Inc. website

  • LD Systems

    LD Systems is an international provider of ATMs, financial equipment and technology services. LD Systems offers highly customizable kiosks with electronic payment functionality for myriad options including self serve banking transactions, utility & tax payments, fines & fees, toll tags, DMV motor vehicle tag renewals, citations and more. The kiosks can also be configured for ATM functionality with cash dispense capabilities.

    LD Systems website

  • Lean Industries

    Product: ACI Automated Dispute Manager

    Automated Dispute Manager is a dispute case and exception item workflow management system designed for card issuers, merchant acquirers and third-party processors.

    Lean Industries

  • MasterCard

    MasterCard and ACI are partners in the financial services industry providing robust interchange solutions to ACI's financial institution customers. ACI is a global member of the MasterCard Vendor Program, whose mission is to provide best-in-class support to MasterCard vendors to partner in new products design and development, and to facilitate delivery of high-quality products following MasterCard specifications in a timely manner.

    MasterCard website

  • Megabyte Systems Inc.

    Megabyte Systems, Inc. is the developer of Megabyte Property Tax System (MPTS), the leading California property tax system software serving California counties for over 30 years. Megabyte Systems, Inc. serves 22 California counties who have valued over 2.2 million parcels, have apportioned over $5.8 billion to taxing agencies and have processed over 2.1 million tax bills.

    Megabyte Systems Inc. website

  • Microsoft

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker, ACI Retail Commerce Server, ACI Proactive Risk Manager, Postilion for banks and processors, InterACT Universal Banker

    Microsoft and ACI have partnered since the mid-1990s to provide robust applications to the financial institution and merchant retail industry. Many of ACI's products execute on Microsoft's Windows operating system using MS SQL as the transaction database. ACI is a member of Microsoft's Solution Partner program which allows access to Microsoft's performance benchmark centers for application testing.

    Microsoft website

  • Microtec

    Microtec is ACI Worldwide's distribution partner in Vietnam.

    Microtec website

  • MShift

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker

    MShift is a leader in the field of mobile banking with over 200 financial institutions utilizing their innovative technology to offer mobile banking to customer users. MShift offers a mobile browser based solution for ACI Enterprise Banker that allows end users to conduct business banking anywhere and at any time

    MShift website

  • NCR

    Product: BASE24, BASE24-eps, Postilion for banks and processors

    NCR and ACI are partners in the financial services industry providing high quality Automated Teller Machine (ATM) solutions to ACI's customers. ACI's BASE24-eps and BASE24 products contain full support for the NCR ATM solutions utilizing the NDC+, APTRA Advanced NDC, APTRA Proprietary Edge, APTRA Standard Edge NDC, APTRA Standard Edge IFX and Easypoint software.

    NCR website

  • Oracle

    Product: BASE24-eps, ACI Money Transfer System, ACI Proactive Risk Manager

    Oracle provides ACI's retail payments, risk management, and wholesale payments customers with a highly functional database solution option. ACI's membership in the Oracle Partner network (OPN) provides ACI the technical and product support required for a successful implementation at customers who select Oracle as their database of choice. ACI also has a long history as a distributor of Oracle GoldenGate and continues to integrate Oracle GoldenGate software with other ACI products. Customers requiring the highest level of system availability use Oracle GoldenGate software to keep data consistent across multiple physical systems in the event of a system failure and subsequent failover.

    Oracle website

  • P. T. Abhimata Persada

    P. T. Abhimata Persada is ACI Worldwide's distribution partner in Indonesia.

    P.T. Abhimata Persada website

  • RSA/EMC2

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker

    RSA "Adaptive Authentication" authenticates Enterprise Banker users at login to the site. Users are presented with challenge questions or a phone call if the login activity is deemed risky or suspicious.

    RSA/EMC2 website

  • SafeNet

    Product: BASE24-eps

    SafeNet provides hardware security modules for use by BASE24 and BASE24-eps customers. These hardware security modules are used in the secure authentication of financial payment transactions.

    SafeNet website

  • Spectrum Message Services

    Product: BASE24-eps, ACI Proactive Risk Manager

    Spectrum provides mobile alerting solutions for ACI’s main platforms. The company provides a complete interactive SMS, email and mobile browser solution for Near Real Time alerting. Not only does Spectrum provide connectivity to the communications gateways, the product also provides cardholder registration tools, billing, reporting, interactive blocking, two factor authentication and other mobile phone based interactions. The standard integration with BASE24-eps and Proactive Risk Manager allows a quick entry for ACI customers into the mobile market. Mobile alerting can generate revenue whilst reducing fraud. Spectrum’s products have been working in excess of 10 years with ACI’s products.

    Spectrum website


    Product: ACI Money Transfer System

    SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative that provides the communications platform, products and services to connect more than 9,000 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 209 countries. SWIFT enables its users to exchange automated, standardised financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. SWIFT also brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards and debate issues of mutual interest. SWIFT operates a programme to certify business applications and middleware compliance against SWIFT requirements - the SWIFTReady programme uses stringent criteria that are SWIFT specific and reviewed on a yearly basis. Companies meeting the criteria are awarded a SWIFTReady label. The label helps customers in their selection of a supplier and provides the insurance that the product or service meets the highest levels of quality. ACI's Money Transfer System has been awarded the SWIFTReady label for Payments consistently every year since the inception of the programme, and ACI's Open Account Manager solution also currently holds the SWIFTReady Trade Services Utility label.

    SWIFT website

  • Symantec VeriSign

    Product: ACI Enterprise Banker

    VeriSign VIP is a network-based solution, allowing users to strongly authenticate at multiple sites using a single device. One-time-password options include hardware, software and mobile credentials.

    Symantec VeriSign website

  • Syscom Computer Engineering

    Syscom Computer Engineering is ACI Worldwide's channel partner in China and Taiwan.

    Syscom website

  • Thales

    Product: BASE24-eps, Postilion for banks and processors

    Thales provides hardware security modules for use by BASE24 and BASE24-eps. These hardware security modules are used in the secure authentication of financial payment transactions.

    Thales website

  • US Financial Services Group

    Product: ACI Retail Commerce Server

    USFSG is a professional services and consulting group widely recognized as one of the top industry leaders. It engages with many of the largest companies and financial institutions in America, specifically to assist in reducing merchant credit and debit card processing expenses. By partnering with ACI Worldwide, USFSG will be able to deliver tailored services and consultancy to ACI’s customers and, in turn, will have a deeper knowledge of ACI’s technology when giving recommendations to other clients about how to deliver the best possible payments strategy.

    US Financial Services Group website

  • Visa

    Visa and ACI are partners in the financial services industry providing robust interchange solutions to ACI's financial institution customers. ACI works closely with Visa to develop new products for ACI's customers, as well as deliver high quality products which conform to Visa specifications in a timely manner.

    Visa website

  • Wincor Nixdorf

    Product: BASE24-eps, Postilion for banks and processors

    Wincor Nixdorf and ACI are partners in the financial services industry providing high quality Automated Teller Machine (ATM) solutions to ACI's customers. ACI's BASE24-eps and BASE24 products contain full support for the Wincor ATM solutions utilizing the Procash NDC, Procash DDC or Procash IFX software.

    Wincor Nixdorf