About us

With more than 4,500 employees worldwide and offices in principal cities around the globe, ACI now has one of the most diverse and robust product portfolios in the industry, with application software spanning the length of the payments value chain.

Founded in 1975

ACI was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, US in 1975 to develop software for communications applications making use of the new NonStop computers from the then Tandem organisation. Many of the early projects involved building systems to handle ATMs, front ending the bank core banking systems, which led to the launch of the first product, BASE24, in 1982.

Over time that product was expanded to service transactions from other channels such as POS terminals and branch systems. And the product portfolio was expanded to cover more functions around card transactions such as clearing and settlement and fraud detection. As the product portfolio expanded, the hardware utilised for these products was also expanded to include suppliers such as IBM, HP, Stratus and SUN.

In the 1990s ACI's product range expanded to cover wholesale banking payments with solutions for wire transfers and ACH transactions leading to the acquisition of IntraNet in 1998, which expanded the product range with the Money Transfer System product.

International expansion

Early customers were all in the US. In 1981 an Australian bank became a customer starting an international growth path. By 1986, ACI had 131 customers in 14 countries. Supporting this international growth was the development of a series of offices and partners around the world.

Since 1995, ACI has been a public company traded on NASDAQ, initially under the name Transaction Systems Architects (TSA), and since July 2007 under the name ACI Worldwide, Inc. (ACIW). Prior to that ACI had periods under US West and Tandem ownership and as a private company.

During the 2000’s ACI continued to expand our product offerings to include online banking, card & merchant management solutions and retailer solutions. In 2008, ACI introduced the agile payments strategy to offer the market ‘s most unified payments solution.

Experience, expertise

Today's ACI builds on 40 years of experience of delivering systems to process payments for banks, processors and retailers around the world. ACI's reputation is based upon the success of products that have consistently provided stability, scalability and reliability. Customers have come to trust ACI because of these products and because of ACI’s expertise and dedication.

With the acquisition of S1 Corporation in February 2012, ACI further expanded its market position and global presence with enhanced scale, breadth and additional capabilities to deliver solutions across the global spectrum of financial institutions, processors and retailers.

And the March 2013 acquisition of Online Resources Corporation saw ACI further strengthen its leadership in online banking and payments and expand its offerings to credit unions and community banks. The acquisition of Official Payments in November 2013 saw ACI increase the reach of its bill pay offerings into federal, state and local governments, municipal utilities, higher education institutions and charitable giving organizations. 

In August 2014, ACI further strengthened its position in the payments risk management space with the acquisition of leading eCommerce and fraud prevention company Retail Decisions (ReD) .

Today, ACI has more than 5,000 customers including 21 of the top 25 banks and 14 of the leading retailers globally. ACI also has more than 170 processors as customers including leading global processors such as Euronet, First Data, Global Payments and Worldpay.

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