Rogerio Labegaline

Rogerio Labegaline

Quick facts

Home: I live in São Paulo – it’s a great world city.

Education: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Unicamp – the University of Campinas – and an MBA from São Paulo University.

Perfect vacation: My wife and I like to travel around Brazil when we can, but the perfect vacation involves going abroad. I’ve travelled around Europe quite extensively, and recently visited Paris and London. I would love the chance to take our children and drive through Europe. Otherwise I'm sure the whole family would be excited to visit Disney in Orlando. 

Dream Job: The perfect job involves balance: between work and life, between technology challenges and management issues, between staying in the city and travelling abroad. It’s important to get a balance in all things.

Career advice: I’d say always consider the pros and cons of any situation before making a decision you may regret.


From ACI Worldwide’s office in São Paulo, Rogerio Labegaline runs several client-facing projects across Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, the U.S. and, of course, Brazil. He is responsible for translating customer needs into technical requirements, and ensuring that customizations and modifications to products are delivered in a timely and efficient manner. His particular area of expertise is ACI BASE24® and ACI Proactive Risk Manager™.

“I always have several projects for several clients running in parallel, so there is almost constant dialogue with customers, employees and contractors across the region. Customization is an important element of the ACI product set, and the products are designed to ease modification, but we still have to make sure that goals for delivering projects on time and budget are met. Even after projects have gone live, I check in on them to get an idea of production numbers and to gather information that supports an ongoing relationship with these customers. That often leads to a continuous set of subsequent projects for the same customer.“

As an extra challenge, the São Paulo office is truly multi-lingual. “It’s a pretty international set-up down here: U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Iran, Canada and Scotland are all represented, and we have to switch between Spanish, Portuguese and English depending on where the client is based!”

Rogerio has worked in the payments industry for nearly twenty years in total, first on the customer side and then at ACI. “I had a short break in between, working in IT in the healthcare sector for a year. But the payments sector is much more interesting and dynamic so I didn’t stay away for long. I already knew some people at ACI and had a lot of respect for them, so when I heard about an opportunity opening up here I jumped at it.

“I have been very lucky because my time at ACI has coincided with some big projects coming up in Brazil which has kept the work fresh and exciting, and has given me plenty of opportunities to grow my knowledge of our products and our clients. I have also had plenty of opportunities to develop relationships with my fellow ACIers around the world, to travel for training in the US and to visit clients across the region.

“Working in emerging markets like Brazil is challenging. You need to be creative, and find innovative solutions for particular problems. So you need a trusting but challenging environment: I think ACI has got that right in Brazil. There‘s something very satisfying about seeing our markets grow, and contributing towards a truly multinational enterprise.”