Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and wire transfer

RTGS and wire payments must be processed and settled in real time, with the ability to provide customers with real time information and status updates. ACI provides global payment processing solutions that streamline high value payments processing and provide continuous processing to maximize straight-through processing (STP) rates. The Universal Payments technology enables country-specific clearing connections to be added quickly with low risk to the financial institution.

Money Transfer System offers complete and ongoing regulatory compliance.  The solution offers timely delivery of regulatory updates to meet mandated go-lives such as:
Dodd-Frank payments processing – completed on time and comprehensively, despite tight timelines and subsequent delays
• BAI (X9) format for Fedwire remittance data
• FedWire Payment Notification
• Annual SWIFT Standards for MT and MX.

Transaction Banking

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ACI Money Transfer System

As a global payment processing solution, ACI Money Transfer System helps streamline banking operations. By providing a set of SOA-based business application services orchestrated to meet specific processing requirements, Money Transfer System operates as a payment engine for multiple payment types, both high and low-value, or as an enterprise solution for internal and external SWIFT message switching.  Money Transfer System is offered in ACI’s hosted data center or on-premise

ACI Universal Online Banker

ACI Universal Online Banker offers RTGS/wire payment origination tailored for small and large business alike.  The navigation and workflow provide an intuitive, customer-centric experience, whether on a PC or mobile device.  The packaging options allow the financial institution to package specific services to meet the needs of different business segments.  Universal Online Banker is offered in ACI’s hosted data center or on-premise.