Micro and small business internet banking

ACI offers online banking solutions with rich functionality to fit any size small business. Sophisticated product packaging choices allow banks the ability to create an unlimited range of products with the right mix of services to create unique user experiences for each target market.

ACI Online Banking

Online Banking provides a rich banking user experience so even the smallest businesses can effortlessly manage their money. Financial institutions can create distinctive product bundles that deliver the right mix of services and customized user experience to each of their retail market segments.

Online Banking offers a unique set of features ranging from consumer-focused services to more advanced cash management capabilities such as ACH payments, foreign exchange, and international wires.

ACI Universal Online Banker

An online, global, multilingual and multi-currency cash management solution that can be configured to meet the requirements of both large corporate customers and middle market users. The platform delivers control, choice and the flexibility to easily manage daily collections, disbursements and liquidity needs.

The broad-based functionality includes user driven balance and transaction reporting tools, a user customizable treasury dashboard, sophisticated entitlements and approval capabilities including panel authorization, and extensive global payment types including NACHA, cross border, domestic and international wires, drafts, drawdowns, multi-bank, federal and state tax, and localized payments for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Universal Online Banker is delivered with an intuitive user interface on a technology platform designed for easy integration, flexibility, and scalability.

ACI Mobile Channel Manager

With ACI Mobile Channel Manager financial institutions gain control and flexibility to configure a broad range of targeted mobile offerings for their retail to small business customers. Some of the features available with Mobile Channel Manager include balance inquiry, account transfers, bill payments, P2P payments, positive pay, stop payments, and payment approvals, as well as extra services such as ATM/branch locator, change PIN, and the ability to contact their financial institution.