Cash management and reporting

Financial institutions stand to drive significant fee revenue and increase retention of profitable customers by offering a comprehensive and powerful reporting system for online users. 

ACI can provide an institution’s customers with summary and detail views, current and previous-day reporting, cash position reports, data export, and direct downloads for offline reconciliation. Institutions have extensive control over entitlements granted to individual customers and users. Access can be granted to individual reports on a customer-by-customer basis, providing institutions with a variety of packaging options and allowing them to offer fee-based reports on an individual report basis or in unit packages.

ACI Universal Online Banker

An online, global, multilingual and multi-currency cash management solution that can be packaged to meet the requirements of both large corporate customers and middle market users. The platform delivers clients with control, choice and flexibility with online tools to easily manage the daily collections, disbursements and liquidity needs of their business whether around the corner or on the other side of the globe.

The broad-based functionality offers user driven balance and transaction reporting tool, a user customizable treasury dashboard, sophisticated entitlements and approval capabilities including panel authorization, and extensive global payment types including NACHA, cross border, domestic and international wires, drafts, drawdowns, multi-bank, federal and state tax, and localized payments for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
All delivered with an intuitive user interface and a technology platform designed for easy integration, flexibility, and scalability.

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