Device and channel management

Although the underlying functionality of acquiring transactions is the same across all channels, the individual channels – ATM, POS, e-commerce, online, mobile - also have specific processing requirements.  Utilizing a single payments engine that has the capabilities of processing across all channels and transaction types, while delivering channel specific abilities, is key to the efficient processing of transactions.

ACI’s participation in a range of standards bodies and partnerships with leading manufacturers delivers valuable direction and insight to ensure our solutions meet the needs of device and channel management now and in the future.



A rich functionality payments processing solution handling all types of payments across any channel. The software is highly configurable allowing users to adjust the system to meet their unique business needs. 

BASE24-eps is used by financial institutions and processors to meet their acquiring, issuing and switching needs, handling some of the highest volumes in the industry.


Postilion is an integrated payments processing, card management and merchant acquiring solution designed for the Windows operating systems. 

Created with the ability to handle any delivery channel performing any transaction type, the solution can be extended through powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs). This solution will meet the needs of acquirers, issuers and switches whether financial institutions or processors.