Secure internet shopping

Online retailers, portals and other service providers in today’s virtual world face two challenges: reducing costs and increasing revenues from electronic payments. Some of the e-commerce industry’s most substantial costs result from fraud and chargebacks caused by the limited authentication of electronic payments. E-commerce organizations require highly reliable, scalable support for internet payments incorporating the latest security options.

ACI Commerce Gateway

ACI Commerce Gateway insulates payments switching applications from payments acquired on the Internet or a merchant’s website, incorporating a range of authentication technology.  It provides both a merchant plug-in and a hosted payment page, prompts for 3D Secure consumer authentication and can operate in the retailer, merchant acquirer and processor environments.


BASE24-eps provides a full range of functionality to support different types of payments across multiple channels. The software is highly configurable, allowing users to adjust the system to meet unique business requirements. Furthermore, BASE24-eps is engineered for scalability, accommodating growth in transaction volumes and allowing organizations to expand market share quickly without disrupting service.

ACI Retail Commerce Server

ACI Retail Commerce Server is a single, integrated platform that forms the basis of a customer-centric retailing strategy by leveraging the critical interaction of payments as the foundation for profitable growth. For retail organizations in the US and Mexico it securely acquires, authorizes, routes and settles all electronic payments and provides key integrated services such as gift card and loyalty scheme management.


Postilion is an integrated payments processing, card management and merchant acquiring solution designed for the Windows operating systems. 

Created with the ability to handle any delivery channel performing any transaction type, the solution can be extended through powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs). This solution will meet the needs of acquirers, issuers and switches whether financial institutions or processors.