Mobile banking and payments

Our banking and payment engines provide the foundation for all of our mobile capabilities. In support of these engines, we have mobile solutions to deliver and manage the mobile end user experience and functionality.

ACI Mobile Channel Manager

ACI Mobile Channel Manager helps provide consumers with mobile access to functions across the banking and payments spectrum.

The solution helps end-users with various activities including account management, balance inquiries, transfers, bill payments, person-to-person payment (including PayPal), pre-paid purchases, ATM/branch locator, SMS notifications,  lost card reporting, temporary virtual card issuing and more.

ACI Token Manager for Mobile

ACI Token Manager for Mobile provides complete end to end support for the provisioning of NFC mobile payments, by enabling a complete and extended Token Service Provider (TSP) solution. We offer full support for:

  • Embedded Secure Element (such as that used by Apple Pay) including Root and TrustedService Managers (SP-TSM and Root-TSM), Tokenization system and secure Transaction Management 
  • Host Cloud Emulation (HCE) including provision of Over The Air (OTA) lifecycle management, that we refer to as Secure Element in The Cloud (SEiTC)

ACI Universal Online Banker

A sophisticated multi-lingual and multi-currency solution that provides users real-time data on account balances and transactions as well as straight-through processing on payments from ACH to Fedwire to SWIFT.


BASE24-eps provides online authorization interfaces to the major global payment schemes, again removing the burden of maintaining compliance from card issuers. BASE24-eps also provides flexible scripting capability for card authorization and  interfaces into core banking systems to obtain banking account balances.


Postilion is an integrated payments processing, card management and merchant acquiring solution designed for the Windows operating systems. 

Created with the ability to handle any delivery channel performing any transaction type, the solution can be extended through powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs). This solution will meet the needs of acquirers, issuers and switches whether financial institutions or processors.

ACI Proactive Risk Manager

ACI Proactive Risk Manager is an enterprise fraud detection solution monitoring risk across a financial institution's business lines and customer accounts. Proactive Risk Manager facilitates monitoring mobile transactions along with other channels including credit or debit card, branch, point-of-sale (POS), check, online and more.

When combined with ACI Mobile Alerting, which offers SMS-based customer alerting of suspicious activities on the mobile device, Proactive Risk Manager becomes a powerful tool in stopping fraud in its tracks.