Branch banking

Changes in end-user devices, real-time information and the arrival of social media have heightened customer service expectations.

At the same time, customer confidence in, and loyalty to, financial institutions has reached an all-time low. If financial institutions are going to continue to grow revenues and retain customers they will need to prioritize first-rate customer service regardless of point of contact.

The branch remains a key component in meeting these evolving customer expectations and it is increasingly important for branch employees to have the appropriate tools to empower them to know, understand and service their customers' unique needs.

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InterACT Universal Banker

InterACT Universal Banker is a multi-channel offering which supports the processing of monetary, non-monetary and sales transactions, delivering a consistent customer experience across channels including branch, call center and back office, as well as delivering extended branch support for browser based employees such as relationship managers or calling officers. It can be deployed in a JAVA or .NET based environment.